Month: April 2013

Plaid CTF 2013 cat_rar Write-up

This is my second challenge write-up related to this past weekend’s PlaidCTF event hosted by Plaid Parliament of Pwning ( and will cover the forensics challenge “cat_rar”. cat_rar – 150 After playing around with the crypto challenges for far too long, I decided to switch and help out some of the other team members with the […]

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2013 BSides ROC Crypto Challenge Write-Up

Members of the SUNY IT Network and Computer Security Club attended the Security BSides hacker conference in Rochester on April 6th. The BSidesROC event consisted of a number of security and computer related talks and games. One of the games at the conference was the Crypto Challenge, created by Darth Null (@DarthNull). The group was […]

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